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Certificate of approval

download Approval BZA 8201/4H1

4. Revision

submitted on: 11/20/2014

issued on 12/04/2014

time limitation: no limitation

BAM Reference Number: 3.12_301837-4

UN-String: 4H1/X0.5/S/../ D/BAM8201-STORO1

Specification of the type code: Expanded plastics box

approval holder

CompanyStoropack Deutschland GmbH + Co. KG

country codeD

streetUntere Rietstraße 30

zip code/city 72555 Metzingen phone+49 (0)-7123164-183


man. code Company country code- zip code city
show business cardSTORO1 Storopack Deutschland GmbH + Co. KG D- 74838 Limbach