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About TES

Thematic Portal TES "Technical Safety - Dangerous Goods Containments"

The Thematic Portal TES
is published by BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. More information can be found in our Terms and conditions.


The BAM offers with the expert portal TES information and service concerning the transport and packaging of dangerous substances and goods. The target group is not only the interested public but also staff in small- and medium-sized firms and public authorities.


The expert portal provides information on valid approvals, manufacturers, recognised test, monitoring and inspection bodies, and the legal requirements demanded by law. Answers to frequently asked questions document which concrete problems and solutions result from the rules and regulations.

The development in transport rules and regulations is updated continually, and particular subject areas are presented in depth to give the user the required information.

National and international cooperation in committees should be encouraged and supported. TES serves as a platform in this aim.

The expert portal is serviced by the working group "Quality assurance and information management". Contact persons can be found in Terms and conditions.

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