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Cargo Securing

1. What's it about?

The purpose of cargo securing is to prevent any movement during carriage which would change the positioning of the packages or cause them to be damaged.


2. Load-security information system (LIS)

2.1 Description

Cover Manuel LIS
Cover Manuel LIS

In collaboration with other authorities, insurance companies and private business the BAM has developed a training manual for cargo securing " Ladungssicherungs-Informations-System für Stückgut (L-I-S)" which is available in German only.

The "Practice module" of the Cargo Securing Information System is applicable to the transportation of package freight. It deals with single packages as well as situations with various cargo with or without palettes. Find out the recommended way of load security based on the different rules.

The contents of this practice module were developed with the utmost care, taking into account recognized guidelines, the latest scientific findings and a wealth of practical experience. However, this practice module is not meant to be exhaustive, and no guarantee is given for its correctness. This applies, in particular, to legal matters and specific dangerous goods aspects.

The publisher does not accept any liability whatsoever in connection with this practice module.

2.2 Partners

The following partners actively contributed to the development of the Ladungssicherungs- Informations- System / Cargo Securing Information System (LIS) – Practice Module:

2.3 Download

Cargo Securing Information System - practice module (2012, 2.7 MB)


3. Other manuals and guidelines for cargo securing

European Best Practice Guidelines on Cargo Securing
ADR Chapter takes these guidelines as an example
reference source: European Commission

Load Securing
Transport Informations Service (TIS) from the German Insurance Association e.V. (GDV)
Load securing (reference source: GDV)
Cargo securing in containers

Recommendations for the transport of filled IBCs
Booklet Secure Loads (reference source: Schütz Industrial Packaging)

Behaviour Based Safety - Guidelines for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Road Freight Vehicles
and other guidelines, CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council)
Guidelines & Technical Documents (reference source: CEFIC)

Cargo Securement
U.S. Department of Transportation; Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Rules & Regulations (reference source: FMCSA)


4. Contact

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Goedecke
Phone: +49 30 8104 - 1310
E-Mail: thomas.goedecke@bam.de


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