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Sets of Rules

1. What's it about?

We have compiled the most important rules and regulations on the transport of dangerous goods and related fields of law in this block of topics.


2. Which rules are applied?

In order to keep our lists of rules and regulations up to date, we regularly observe the following websites:

Furthermore, we look at a number of journals and newsletters.


3. Availability of rules and regulations

Wherever possible, we try to provide links without any copyright restrictions.

If these are not available, we provide the details of publications.


4. Rules of the BAM

Under German dangerous goods legislation the BAM has been notified officially to execute a series of duties.

In this capacity, the BAM issues General Permissions and Dangerous Goods Procedural Rules, which also have to be considered.

Lists of approvals, manufacturers, test houses, etc. can also be found under Official Publications in the menu.


5. Standards and working groups

As we are not allowed to publish standards, we have collected the references and the respective standardisation committees.

In addition, we provide a list of the working groups responsible for the respective legislation.


6. Contact data abroad

Here you can find a collection of contact details from other countries as far as are known to us.


7. See also TES internal links

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